Friday, November 23, 2012

Talent Showcase Performers

Here are all of the performers who came out to the Open Mic Night. We realized that this was no ordinary open mic event, we had created a real talent showcase. Follow our Sound Cloud page of the performers here. Now we are transitioning events into the Orlando's Got Talent Show. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to hear more about us in the future here.

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Read Beth's bio and hear more of her music here.


End of Silence is the perfect sound of heavy raw emotion that's real and in your face! Music that's from the root of experience in this painful world we live in today. End of Silence is all about speaking out for yourself and being that loud voice in vast crowd of dead silence. It's time to scream! and let it out, time to feel alive when those around you are faltering, time to break that mentality of fear and we're here to help you do it!

Goal/Direction: To play/produce “grunge” a style created by Kurt Cobain himself this genre was meant to be a story of one’s self or the pain they’ve endured a “overcoming” so to speak. Music today has lost that touch, the story, the feeling, the emotion. End of Silence will carry that torch that is still dimly lit. With every live performance there is another door to enter through and do more then just please the crowd. End of Silence will take them on a journey, one that anyone could relate too, songs that will touch them in a way most live performance’s can not. Music that is real on and off stage.

Previous Venue Sites

Funky Buddha Lounge
2621 North Federal Highway Boca Raton, FL 33431
(561) 368-4643

Solid Sound Studios
4616 North Power-line Road Pompano Beach, FL 33073
(954) 974-1466

371 South Federal Highway Pompano Beach, FL 33062
(954) 786-1116

Gulfstream Casino
901 S Federal Highway Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
(954) 454-7000

The New Yorker Club
335 W 35th Street 6th Floor New York, NY 10001
(212) 216-9344

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Live Like The Ancients
Opening act bringing out the drum set!


Come check out Marz Barz December 2nd in Winter Park!
Marz Barz will be performing on the Orlando's Got Talent Show at the Friendly Confine II in Winter Park FL, Sunday December 2nd.

Marz Barz is making his way one performance at at time.  He has taken the brave step in performing in front of A&R of Konvict Muzik and now he will give you more of him performing in front of an audience.  Have not heard his music click on any of the links below and see what Marz Barz has to offer musically.

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Songs are original and Copyrighted by Big $tax Entertainment.
Hate the blog or Love the blog it is what it is real all the time every time.

  Orlando's Got Talent Show event set for Dec. 2nd. Read more here.


Listen to Inno's Pop Dat DJ song and purchase to support this event and your local artists performing live on Orlando's Got Talent Show.
Listen here:

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Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome Terence T Rocka aka Big T aka T Rocka Fresh to the Orlando's Got Talent Show at Friendly Confines II in Winter Park on Dec. 2nd. Read more about it here.

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Both "Shine On" and "Drank In My Cup" were produced by Black Tee Productions. Same people that did Ice Cream Paint Job. So they got a screwed feel with it. "Fresh Out Pack" was produced by Trapademic and my homie, Jae P, is on the hook and first verse on that joint. Enjoy.


New Music
Muzix aka Alonzo Hubert – listen here: 

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