Sunday, December 22, 2013

Rock the Music Competition Vote! competition in Orlando is wrapping up. One of the artists I recommended is in 3rd place. Inno Combs & SCP Family needs 100 more votes to win 1st place! Can we help him win the 1st round? 
Please help Inno Combs win a $100,000 production deal. You can help them gain 1st place by voting. Each vote counts for 10 points and cost $2 each. Recording artists need more than talent in today's market. They need to prove they already have a fan base in their community.
Winner will advance to Regional Finals to compete for
$10,000 cash prize, including $100,000 production deal.

Voting Ends: December 23, 2013 @ 9pm
Winner Announced: December 23, 2013 @ 10pm

Inno Combs Music Video

Thank you!! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Celebrity Status Competition in Central Florida

Do you want to live like a rock star? Hello my name is Jessica Northey and I would like to share with you about an event coming to Orlando. It's a chance for singers and rappers to compete in a free talent search called 'The Celebrity Status', in which the winner receives a $100,000 cash and exposure on radio and television.

I'm attempting to be hired by one of the companies involved, so currently I don't work directly for the talent search. However, I'd like to refer you all to this opportunity by filling out the online form to pre-register you, which is open to all levels of talent and ages. The deadline to register is Dec. 14th. **Please answer the question of who you were referred by: Jessica Northey. 

For all further details regarding this competition, call the talent search's main office line 404.946.8660 or visit

For actors, models and DJ's: 
The event will be on Television and they're also looking for talent to apply for these positions. Capital Productions is also hiring interns.

Save, print and sign this form to bump the line! 

Thanks so much and good luck!