Thursday, February 21, 2013

Key Principles for Fantasy Films + Horror Films

I attended Hall of Fame week at Full Sail to hear Cary Granat speak about the key principles for making fantasy and horror films genres. Cary Granat co-founded Walden Media, LLC and served as its creative consultant and Co-Chief Executive Officer. 

  1. Important to define prophecy central defining moment main characters have to achieve.
  2. Define geography of movie and use cultural icons in the scenes.
  3. What are the powers of the protagonist and the antagonist? 
  4. Define the whole time period in the movie. 
  5. Never jump ahead of the main character's knowledge. If that happens, the audience will not enjoy the movie because they'll be asking themselves when will the main character know what I already know? 
  6. Do not be afraid to make your audience work. Hold out on information, it's about what I know and you don't. 
  7. After the film is done in the editing room and it's time for the music score, it can destroy a movie (sfx too). Watch film 1st without sound, then slowly lay in the musical score. Define theme music for the main characters and be subtle. The Firm is a great example of minimalist music that makes a large emotional impact.